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SnapEng F Effort Profiler is an app available on the Apple App Store

F is for Effort

Teams grow, peak and disband. But how long will it take for them to complete their work? This simple app helps you determine that very quickly.

Use it to model a labor profile using an initial team size, a peak team size and a few check points along the way. Adjust the sliders to adjust the shape of the teams' growth curve. Adjust the overall effort the team needs to get finished. Tilt the device to fine tune things and you're done. 

What is a difficult "team vs. effort vs. duration" calculation to perform in your head is done in the palm of your hand.

More about the SnapEng F Effort Profiler app


SnapEng S Estimator app icon and logo
SnapEng S Estimator app is available in the App Store


S is for Estimate

Software estimation is an art best practiced with a bit of math and a few examples. This app gets you started with a first cut at best and worse case estimates based on your own experience. 

Quickly calibrate the app with your own sample projects. Then model how many days of effort a new software project will take to complete. The app accounts for the diseconomies of scale that come with large projects. You can also characterize your project organization and how it impacts the estimate. 

Nothing replaces detailed analysis and estimation, but this gets you started with best and worst case scenarios.

More about the SnapEng S Estimator app 

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